RaoOol is an alien guru in search of new believers for his intergalactic sect. Thanks to complex calculations that only him can understand. Eventually he chooses a little planet named Zorg. The Zorgies, the inhabitants living on it are worshipping divinities through their own rituals. On board of his awesome saucer RaoOol must convert all the Zorgies to his cult and make sure they will adopt the new rituals. His mission: conquer all the Zorg temples.

The game has been developed during the Paris edition of 2016 Global Game Jam: http://globalgamejam.org/2016/games/raoool


You have got 5 minutes to aspirate all the Zorgies and bring them to your messiah to convert them to your cult. Watch out: the Zorgies can shoot powerballs.


  • spacebar: aspirate the Zorgies
  • arrows: control RaoOol saucer